Alba is a whispered idea. A dream that blooms in silence. A gentle awakening that fills with wonder. To enjoy it all the way just a little olive oil and a slice of crusty bread. Eyes closed, the journey begins…

Lovere, when the sun wakes Shakes Lake Iseo, while the mountains of Vallecamonica embrace it. Our olive trees grow here, protected by the love of nature and our daily passion. The tolling of the time we stopped at the seventeenth century, set in the dry stone walls painted in green. A view that stretches from the small vineyard attracted and charmed by olive trees. A mix of 400 secular plants with younger fish, to weave tradition and modernity.

Leccino, Frantoio, Casaliva, Pendolino and native Sbresa five cultivars that create our ‘Renzo Oil’, a blend crowned DOP Laghi Lombardi Sebino-stable for 8 years. We have also recently added a new plant in Don Carlo 70 specimens of cultivars, OBJECTIVE future of a single cultivar oil.

Alba was founded in 2007 by the passion of grandfather Renzo and the ‘idea of ​​dad Mauro. Their dream was to make known Lovere and its territory through the taste. The magic did the rest, and thanks to a little oil and a slice of crusty bread, the enchanting beauty of Lake Iseo has exceeded all boundaries of the world.

societa agricola alba alto sebino laghi lombardi olio di oliva italiano dop

The Pedrinola family’s passion for olive growing back in the days to the early nineties, with the planting of 250 new olive seedlings, in a property estate of approximately 3.5 hectares that already had numerous olive trees.

The plants, grown polyconic vessel equipped with a drip irrigation system, are housed on ancient dry stone terraces overlooking the Iseo lake, where the collection is difficult and can only be made by hand.

A proof of the attention to the territory, since 2007 all production is certified DOP Laghi Lombardi-Sabino.

societa agricola alba alto sebino laghi lombardi olio di oliva italiano dop

The company was founded in 2007 with the intent of promoting and enhancing its territory with an extra virgin olive oil DOP, which fully reflects the climatic and morphological characteristics of the area.

Sheltered from northerly winds by Mount Cervera, the company develops in the municipality of Costa Volpino, on a fully terraced land at the foot of Vallecamonica and in front of Iseo Lake. The olive grove and fully exposed to the sun from sunrise to sunset and is gladdened by pleasant lake breezes and protective, allowing to develop here an ideal microclimate for olive growing.

Marco, already begun as a child by his father to the love for olives, however, comes from a completely different training and work experiences. As a follow up to the passion of grandfather Renzo, now he is on the field to take care of the pruning and plant care, pest monitoring and hand-picking the olives themselves. It also takes care of the communications, commercial strategies and the Agricultural Society Alba marketing.

Mauro, estimated Chartered Accountant from Lovere has always been the heart and soul of the Agricultural Society Alba. Following the dream of his grandfather Renzo and remaining enraptured by the quality of the ‘oil produced by the few old olive trees already on its soil, in 1990 he lays the foundations of the future Company by planting the first 140 new olive trees. Then, following successive plantings 250, occurred between 2000 and 2004, in 2007 with his wife Susi and children Marta, Marco and Francesca founded the Agricultural Society Alba.